Artifical Intelligence is on the march. The triumvirate of chip power, increasing transfer rate and computing capacity enables thinking in whole new spheres: Humanoid robots and personal assistants are no longer a future vision.

According to the definition of Artificial Intelligence from 1956 it is about “machines using language, forming abstracts and conceptsin order to solve problems while continuously improving themselves”. This hasn’t changed much until today. With the small difference that that we are already in the middle of the era of AI. As soon as you have heard about a technical possibility it is already reality.

Completely digitized environment

In 2016 the hotel chain Hilton and IBM tested the roboter lady Connie for her capabilities as concierge and in Pittsburgh Uber sends their first autonomously driving cars into traffic. Since September 2017 the first jacket connected to a computer system –  so called wearables – has gone into commercial distribution. During the upcoming 3 years the majority of the Western population will grow up in a completely digitized environment. At the i-KNOW 2017 Vladimir Preveden talks about a future where we will have to face situations where AI is more powerful and capable than human intelligence.

„The key question will be how humans and companies will be able to control this intelligence and to keep up with the pace..“

New pace needs new competences

In order to keep up with this speed, new competences, capabilities and properties throughout all areas of a company are required. On the one hand this relates to the company structure, on the other hand to the dealings with data processing.

The companies can no longer think in rigid structures and hierarchies, they have to evolve to a dynamic company where innovation is a huge priority. The employees act like entrepreneurs, move flexibly and enable quick decisions. And: The correct dealing with data processing becomes crucial insofar that essential aspects all around AI are based on well-structured data. Preveden goes as far as to claim: “Those that will be pioneers in the area of Artificial Intelligence, will rule the world.”