All provided presentations are available for download (please mind the copyright and the rights of use of the authors).

Main Track

Smart Production

AVL – Into the data driven future
Smart Factory at Magna Steyr

Digital Transformation

Infonova – Product and Service Bundling and how to Monetize Data

Big Data Trends and Networks

European Network of National Big Data Centers of Excellence
Association Industry 4.0 Austria
European Perspectives on Big Data and Data Skills
Smart Data and its impact for Germany

Platform Economy

Creating value with big financial data

Scientific Workshops – Active Learning


MapView: Graphical Data Representation for Active Learning
Active Learning with SVM for Land Cover Classification – What Can Go Wrong?
Dynamic Parameter Adaptation of SVM Based Active Learning Methodology
Investigating Exploratory Capabilities of Uncertainty Sampling using SVMs in AL
Active Subtopic Detection in Multitopic Data

Workshop Tutorials

Active Learning: Applications, Foundations & Emerging Trends
On-line Active Learning from Data Streams
Evaluation in Active Learning

Scientific Workshops – HCI Perspectives in Industry 4.0


Scientific Workshops – Knowledge 4.0

Balancing Knowledge Protection and Sharing in Networks
Digitaler Wandel – eine Chance für IT-basierte Wissensmanagement-Methoden?
Knowledge Management 4.0
MEDIZIN 4.0 Zusammenspiel von intelligenten Systemen und medizinischen Experten
Persönliches Wissensmanagement als Entwicklungshilfe für Kompetenzen im digitalen Zeitalter
Semantische Technologien: Enabler für Wissen 4.0
Von Kontrolle zu Transparenz
Will data kill the knowledge stars

Scientific Workshops – RS-BDA

Facilitating information exchange in assembly assistance by recommending contextualized annotations
A Comparative Study on Hyperparameter Optimization for Recommender Systems
Analysis of Overlapping Communities in Signed Complex Networks
Contextualized versus Structural Overlapping Communities in Social Media
An Extension of CHOICLA User Interfaces for Configurable products

Scientific Workshops – SamI40

A review of Decision Support Systems for Manufacturing Systems
A Review of Related Work on Machine Learning in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Assembly Lines
A Survey about the Usage of Semantic Technologies for the Description of Robotic Components and Capabilities