Smart Production

Anthony Jameson - Human Choices in Smart Production (pdf)

Franz Weghofer - Building Spatial Experiences in the Automotive Industry (pdf)

Gerhard Schiefer - METRIS - The Digital Strategy of Andritz (pdf)

Martin Mayer - Towards Predictive Maintenance (pdf)

Rudolf Pichler - Graz University of Technology - open platform for research in (pdf)

Enterprise 4.0

Eveline Steinberger-Kern - Business model design for visionaries (pdf)

Luca Maria Aiello - Predictive Analytics in the Connected Society (pdf)

Shah Karim - Big Data Case Studies from US Retail and Energy (pdf)

Vladimir Preveden - Of Data and Strategy (pdf)

Data Economy & Platforms

Carlos Haertel - Minds and Machines – Building the digital-industrial Enterprise (pdf)

Dirk Hamelinck - Distributed or Federated ... what taste that fits your business (pdf)

Mirjam Sick - Creating data driven business in hydropower (pdf)

Roland Sommer - Platform Industry 4.0 (pdf)

Data Management&Security

Bernhard Niedermayer - Data Management as a Service (pdf)

Christian Derler - Secure Smart Technologies (pdf)

Tomas Chroust - Gaining insight through advanced information visualization (pdf)

Data-Driven Decision Support for Digitized Work Environments

Data Driven Decision Support for Health and Care (pdf)

Impact of Security Requirements (pdf)

Methods of presenting content in AR (pdf)

Process optimization based on a multi-level management system for forest fire situations (pdf)

Supporting decision making at large scale events - Presentation (pdf)

Supporting decision making at large scale events - Extended Abstract (pdf)

Using ESN Data Analytics for Supporting Decisions in HR (pdf)

HCI Perspectives on Industry 4.0

BioAR (pdf)

Improved Knowledge Management in ALLEGRO D&I Team (pdf)

Towards Intuitive Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration (pdf)

Towards a Data Driven Competency Management Platform for Industry 4.0 (pdf)

HTS Digitalisierung im Gesundheitsbereich

Intro Digitalisation in the HealthCare Sector (pdf)

Smart Analytics in Health Care and Life Sciences (pdf)

Platform Economy & Business Models

Crowdbusiness Model (pdf)

Data Market Austria (pdf)

Digital Vehicle Ecosystems (pdf)

How to build a successful business model with big data platforms (pdf)

RS-SNA Workshop

Enriching knowledge graphs with text processing techniques (pdf)

OpenReq - Recommender Systems in Requirements Engineering (pdf)

Signed Graph Analysis (pdf)


Decision Support for Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Systems (pdf)

Deep Learning Wafer Patterns (Demo) (pdf)

Facts4Workers (pdf)

Learning better models for inverse problems in imaging (pdf)


SME40 (pdf)

SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing (pdf)

Towards Intuitive Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration (pdf)

Unified Frontend and Backend Industrie 4.0 Roadmap for Semiconductor Manufacturing (pdf)

Taking the European Data Economy to the next level

Daniel Bachlechner - Welcome And Setting The Scene-Barriers (pdf)

Helena Ursic and Ruben Lahiguera - Legal Perspective (pdf)

Christof Weigandt -Technological Perspective (pdf)

Daniel Bachlechner - Barriers Socioeconomic Perspective (pdf)

Daniel Bachlechner Welcome And Setting The Scene - Second Part (pdf)

Liliya Pullmann EuDEco Observatory (pdf)

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