Finding the shortest way from fascinating research results to a successful product is particularly important in data- and innovation-driven industrial sectors. This is why the industrial conference  Data-Driven Future and the science conference i-KNOW have taken place together for years. Discuss the latest research results directly with renowned expert scientists! Such a bridge between industry and science can only be offered at Data-Driven Future.

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Morning Focus
Smart Production
How the Digitalization of Production Processes creates Value for Industry
The vision of Smart Production and Industry 4.0 foresees the utilization, democratization and interlinking of data that is already available, or can easily be collected, to optimize processes, increase quality, comply with safety and environmental regulations and reduce costs. Innovative big data analytics methods, including advanced prediction algorithms, are spreading rapidly through many industries. In this track, industry leaders will share their perspective on future developments and companies will present findings from real world smart production projects. Let us discuss how to best generate value from the digitalization of production processes!

Afternoon Focus
Enterprise 4.0
Connected enterprises using data-driven opportunities for sustainable growth
The next generation enterprise will be connected and use the data about its own business processes and about its customers for sustainable growth. This means to optimize existing business processes, to increase quality of products and services, to ensure compliance with legislative and contractual regulations, to reduce the environmental food print and to improve the revenue. Advanced big data technologies allow the cost-effective analysis of large scale data sets about connected supply chains as well as about the customer usage of products of services. In this track, enterprise managers will share their perspective on future developments and enterprises will present findings from real world cases. Let us discuss how to identify business opportunities from the available data!


Morning Focus
Data Economy & Platforms
Vital Infrastructure for the Data-Driven Business Models of Tomorrow
Many industries currently undergoing the Digital Transformation are discovering the incredible versatility and scalability of data-driven business models. Data Platforms provide the technological and organizational ecosystems required to market your data successfully and to solve problems using data marketed by others.  The resulting platform economy has become open to all types of industry, not just the innovative technology companies who initialized the trend. In this track, experts will outline the further development of data platforms and companies will present how they harnessed the transformational power of platforms in their businesses. Let us discuss how your company can profit from platforms, too!

Afternoon Focus
Data Management & Security
The basis for reliable Data Science
The visible aspects of Data Science are Data Visualization and Data Analytics. However, to implement Data Science reliably two important issues have to be addressed:
Data Security addresses the security and dependability aspects of an IoT and Data Science architecture. Blockchains and encryption algorithms are relevant topics to ensure that sensors cannot be used as entry points by hackers or viruses and to secure data transmission from source to crunching entities.
Data Management is concerned with developing highly performant data architectures. Modern databases and in-memory analytics are important developments with regard to data (pre)analysis, required bandwidth and latencies to be managed.
In this track, renowned researchers and practitioners from Data Security and Data Management will share their insights. Let us discuss how to keep your data secure!