It takes courage to move something. It takes flexible brains and some bold recklessness to re-think innovation. And it takes courage to fail and no fear of throwing old ideas overboard to start again from the beginning.

Driving innovations – that is the work of Eveline Steinberger-Kern and her team at „The Blue Minds Company“. They build up companies and support existing start-ups with their expertise, financing and access to the market. At the i-KNOW 2017 she explains what innovation in 2017 means and how the processes run.

One innovation is not like another

Not every kind of innovation leads to the same result. In fact, innovation processes couldn’t be more diverse and a company should already consider beforehand where they want to start. By means of efficiency innovation companies are able to improve their production processes or their sales, they achieve more with less effort. The incremental innovation deals with optimization and development ofexisting products and services. According to Steinberger-Kern, these concepts don’t lead to real growth – real growth can only be enabled by disruptive innovation.

Disruptive Innovation – The key to real growth

Disruptive means as much as disturbing and interrupting. But also revolutionary. Inducing the breakthrough. And this is exactly what disruptive innovation should do: Thinking outside the box in order to develop products, services or processes that didn’t exist as such before. Innovation of this kind is regarded as revolutionary, it shapes  newmarkets and doesn’t stop short of displacing existent goods and services.

„The Blue Minds Company“ works with structured innovation processes to connect high tech trends with industry. In order to find out if a business model can even work, the pilot phase is started as quickly as possible. The risk of a pilot phase is manageable andthe team can together evaluate the strategy and make necessary adjustments in order to create something truly new.

„Austrian start-ups are on a good track. But for generating innovation on an international level, it still takes several steps more.”

Game Changer on international level

In 2017 relying on conventional processes is the wrong way: “Apart from a good business idea it takes flexible structures and the right characters in a team in order to implement innovative processes and adapt quickly, if necessary”, Steinberger-Kern explains. Once a business environment with people with an innovative mindset is established, it is perfectly possible to become a game changer on an international level.